About Us


Sitting on a beach in 2014, Angie and Dana dreamed of the day they could run a small shop together, playing with different names and logo imagery for their imaginary shop, hence The French Hare was born.  These sisters have an amazing story.

Each one tells the story a little differently as to how The French Hare came about, but their message is still the same – The French Hare is a collaborative effort of their love of the Lord and the enjoyment they experience while being creative.  

Angie Hutchcroft & Dana Hamby | The French Hare
Angie Hutchcroft | The French Hare

Meet Angie

Angie has more than 20 years experience in the custom home building industry.  She knows quality and values it greatly.  She is very particular of what goes into the shop and at what price it should sell for based on such. 

She is a breast cancer survivor with a capital “S”.  While going through her cancer treatments, she discovered a love of painting furniture.  It was calming and relaxing when cancer turned everything in her life up-side-down.  Taking something old and making it beautiful again gave her hope.  

Angie has been married for more than 30 years to Curt who is an integral part of this business.  They are both Partners at Hutchcroft Homes, a residential design/build firm located here at the lake.

Dana Hamby | The French Hare

Meet Dana

Dana remembers sitting on that beach a little differently as her story was a bit more colorful.  Being the mother of four very active children, one can certainly attest to Dana having a sense of humor. 

After owning a successful design firm in Atlanta where she specialized in residential interior design for more than 10 years, she and her husband moved their family just outside the lake area in Madison, Georgia in July, 2017.

Dana’s appreciation of textiles and soft accents keeps her busy even when she is not with a client. You may not always see her in the shop, but you will certainly find her touches there as she looks for those unique finds for The French Hare customers.

Dana has been married to her husband Jeff for more than 22 years. He is a retired Naval Corpsman, Cobb County Fire Engineer and is now serving as a Deputy for Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.